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I’m an information junkie with a gigantic range of topics I follow – some of which might surprise you, so I don’t share THAT. Here are some of my recommended reads because they impressed me and taught me something new.

By the way, did you know that if you press on a BlueJay’s blue wing, the color disappears? That’s because they have no pigment in their feathers and the blue is the play of light on their wings.

In no particular order:

LOVED this! It’s a 25 minute video presentation, so sit your butt down and learn what happens when you create user interfaces designed to trick users. See where that gets ya. Dark Patterns: User Interfaces Designed to Trick People

If you’ve ever experienced seeing the word “Spam” or “scam” in Google Instant for searches on your brand, read this SEOMoz piece. It’s well written and loaded with great advice. PS. SEOMoz, ya’all need a “print only” version of your posts. I did not want to print out all the comments, but the article is so good, I HAD to print it out. Our Online Reputation Management Playbook

Buy. This. Book. Social Media Marketing by Li Evans. I was shocked at how much information she got in there. I read it cover to cover and to be honest, I knew she was smart but this book proves it.

Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media is a business marketing book aimed for any company c-suite, executive & senior level management as well as both accomplished and novice marketers who want to learn the ins and outs of being successful with marketing plans that involve social media.

Hey. It’s 2011. Get your social on.

Speaking of which, the “Facebook is shutting down on March 15 rumor” was a RUMOR for God’s sake. Who spreads crazy stuff like this? Who believes in fake news stories? I tackled the topic in a blog post I wrote for LiBeckim.com, called With Online Marketing, It’s Easy to Fool Internet Users (Is this What We Want?).

Speaking of me. I write once a month for Search Engine Land’s “Just Behave” column. I never know how an article will be received by the search marketing community because I straddle SEO/M and usability/UX. The last two seemed to be accepted pretty well.

How Human Factors May Affect Information Indexing And Retrieval

Search results are skewed by what [search engines] can find and if there is nothing to find, there is no “knowledge” to share. It doesn’t mean that information doesn’t exist. It’s just not on the web. When we approach a search engine for information, what we’re getting back are hundreds of pages with content that may come close to what you want because somebody put it there to be found. The more difficult your query is, the more likely the sites you get back are abstract, mismatched or completely unrelated.

This one was tweeted a lot! How To Avoid Clunky Web Design With Holistic SEO & Usability. I even drew pretty pictures for it.

I’m getting used to the idea that I will be the mother of a United States Marine. I sent this link to my son and put it on my Facebook page. Loved it. To those calling for a civil war, this Marine wants you to stop, and think…

Regardless of your political ideology, you’ve earned the right as US Citizens to say your piece – no matter how wrong it may be. That is your right, and I will give my life to protect it.

But this government of ours is a democracy. We vote for our representatives, and they vote in our interests. Sometimes, the votes don’t go our way. That’s life, better luck next time. Exhaust your legislative options, and then focus on gaining the required votes and/or seats to achieve your desired legislative vote next election time. That’s the way things work.

But the SECOND you start committing acts of violence and vandalism, then you’ve usurped that Constitution. You in a way have assaulted it. And then you and I (I being every servicemember who has sworn to defend said Constitution) will have a MAJOR PROBLEM.

Showing off…Top Women of 2011.

I’m a Dr. Eric Schaffer groupie. Check this out. Impediments to a Mature UX Practice: and how to avoid them (Whitepaper)

10 Interface Design Tips to Improve Your Business Application

Any­one that has ever used a busi­ness appli­ca­tion has likely found them­selves won­der­ing why they have to be so hard to oper­ate. With all of the advances in tech­nol­ogy, you’d think busi­ness apps could be designed for a bet­ter user expe­ri­ence.

And, In the “Nobody Cares Kim” Department

One more week and my daughter returns to college and I can put everything back in the kitchen the way it was before. My son has a girlfriend, whom I adore. We hit it off. We always hug when he brings her over. I think that’s odd. But we have an instant bond. Hubby got me a Pandigital “Novel”, the Barnes and Nobel ebook reader. It’s an extremely affordable alternative to the Ipad and more colorful and jazzy than the Kindle. So now I’m not only a “bookaholic”, but a “NOOKBook” fanatic. Of all the books I sampled and downloaded, not a single one is work related.

I just finished an 8-week Tai Chi class and signed up for more. And I’m taking meditation workshops. Working from home since 2001 has acquainted me with “cabin fever”. So I leave the house to quiet my mind. Wait…what?

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