Pierre Far aka “eKstreme” Hired By Google

Cligs (URL shortener) inventor, programmer, marketer and web developer, with a PhD in bacterial genetics from Cambridge University, Pierre Far aka “eKstreme”, officially announced today he has been hired by Google.com.

That’s the good news. The sad news is that this means Cre8asiteforums loses its Technical Administrator and long-time Moderator. However, we’re very proud and can boast that the forums has lost two of our finest from the Cre8tive Community – John Mueller aka “johnmu” and now Pierre (not to mention some of our moderators who also assist at Google’s Webmaster Forums).

Pierre explains in I’m Joining Google:

Tomorrow morning I will start working at Google’s London office as a Webmaster Trends Analyst. SEOs will immediately know what that role is as I will be John Mueller’s team mate. To those that don’t know, it’s the team within Google that interacts with website owners and manages Webmaster Central among other things.

Having met, lunched with and videotaped Pierre, I don’t blame Google for wanting him. He’s generous, (very tall), funny, a born teacher (showed me how to delete icons from my Google G1 phone because I never read the manual), and of course, an absolute genius.

He promises to stop by Cre8asiteforums, just like John Mueller does. Congrats Pierre!

We send him off Google Hires Pierre Far Aka “ekstreme” at the forums.

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