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Before You Use Site, You Should Know It Sucks

This was one of the funniest invitations to try a web site I’ve ever seen. The invite was from a family member who is a regular user of a web site I had asked for an invite for. This was the reply, edited:

Earlier today I sent [removed] an invite to view [the well known web site] in order to see how the process would appear to an invitee.

He found it to be complex and confusing, which it is, so it may take awhile to find your way around [well known and famous web site] and all their features.

Right away they started spamming him to take a free membership, which is not necessary to an invited guest. You should have complete free access to [the famous, well known and respected web site].

He also received an e-mail spam which had an unsubscribe choice. He clicked that and promptly got a ‘site unavailable’ message. So, you’ll no doubt run into the same garbage.

I hope you are able to enjoy [the famous, respected, well known, popular web site] in spite of all the nonsense.


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