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A Nice Email

I received an email today that some folks might have been upset to get. It was one of those, “Do you know you have something in your teeth?” moments. Only this note was about a web site.

It was brief and to the point. I don’t think I know the person. They had discovered that some images on one of my web sites isn’t rendering properly. It’s my first attempt at table-less CSS and indeed, there is an issue with some photos and how they “sit” inside the content. The writer noted the issue, took a snapshot with arrows to show what the trouble was and then, gave me a suggestion for the solution!

Sure. It was unsolicited. I could have been snotty and deleted it. I get lots of junk in my in-box. But this email was short, polite, helpful and didn’t ask me for anything in return.

I replied with my thanks.

This is an example of how we can “talk” on the Internet. Be polite. Be unattached to the outcome. Be helpful. Be brief.

This is how it’s done.

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