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My Response to an UnSolicited Letter from Yet Another SEO Rip-Off

In 1996 I published an article about SEO rip-offs, where I exposed the ways in which they commit fraud. I wrote it because the company I worked for signed up for services that I needed to re-do myself and repair the damage from.

While I received death threats and angry emails for exposing those people, (I never mentioned any names, just practices), I have no problem calling out those who give search engine optimization and marketing a bad reputation by continuing the practices of con artistry, Internet fraud, spam and least of which, a complete lack of integrity and responsibility.

This is one example, from today’s email In-box:


How are you? We hope you are doing fine.We would like to forward you our proposal for outsourcing SEO Services at competitive rates.We have been able to offer Seo Services to clients residing every corner of the world. Our Seo services are filtered through the minds of experts, who work with in deadline and are dedicated to uphold your online existence at any cost.

Hello back to you

How is it you knew my name when you emailed me, but miraculously forgot it when greeting me in your unsolicited “proposal for outsourcing SEO Services”? Not that I need your help or anything, since had you bothered to check, I’ve been doing SEO since 1996.

When presenting a proposal, it is recommended to provide proof of any claims of your “expert” help and staff. Just exactly who are your experts and why would they need your help by spamming for new business?

We specialize in.

* Link Building
* Directory Submissions
* Paid Directory Listing
* Blog Advertising Services
* Forum Posting
* Social Bookmaking Services
* Article Writing and Distribution
* Press Release Distribution
* PPC Management
* Social Media Optimization
* SEO Content Writing

Not to mention email spam and totally off-the-mark targeted marketing. Did you bother to check with the planet Neptune?

This ought to be enlightening.

Why to choose us

* 10 Year experience in Search Marketing Industry
* Big World Class Infrastructure with more than 100 staff members
* Sign-up the NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
* White label for client re-selling and re branding.
* Timely and smooth communication etc.
* Frequent reporting with all required format and information.
* Ethical process and white hat technique only

“Why to choose”?  Great writing skills there.  And you’re spamming me because…what. A little bit of tooting your own horn to a search engine marketing speaker is going to get you some magical fairy dust?

Above all we offer best competitive prices :-
Manual Directory Submission

100 Directories Submission 15 USD
300 Directories Submission 35 USD
500 Directories Submission 50 USD
1000 Directories Submission 100 USD
1600 Directories Submission 125 USD
2000 Directories Submission 200 USD
2500 Directories Submission 250 USD
3000 Directories Submission 300 USD
4000 Directories Submission 400 USD
5200 Directories Submission 490 USD

Oh my freaking god! You’re taking money to link drop! Now I get it. So your classy company steals money from people who have no clue and this is what your “experts” call search engine optimization?

And, for the low low price of just $400,you can “guarantee” their listing in 100 directories. (Or for $90 more you can wing it to 5200 submissions and pray on your uncle’s grave.)

Blog Directory Submission

50 Blog Directory Submission 15usd
100 Blog directory submission 25usd

ARE YOU ON FARKING DRUGS? Which directories? What do you do when a blog or directory asks for a submission fee?

Does your client get to see the list? Can they choose where you put their site? What is the purpose of blog and directory submissions?

It wouldn’t be for link dropping would it? Wouldn’t be because someone fed you stories about page rank scores?

Okay.  Here comes the last nail ….

Forum Posting Services

Package I
10 Forums, 75 New Posts and 10 New Threads
45 USD

Package II
15 Forums, 150 New Posts and 40 New Threads
95 USD

Package III
30 Forums, 400 New Posts and 80 New Threads
200 USD

ARE YOU SERIOUS? You spammed a forums owner with this bit of baloney?

Every freaking day we submit new member criteria into a our own anti-spam system, (Including weekends, holidays, vacation…), because we are there to educate, discuss, advise, review sites and problem solve.  A Community does not thrive or grow on 1-liner posts and link drops.

We don’t let in anyone with a history of forum posts consisting of just profiles, link drops or one-liners. We check IP, email and domain history because, and I bet your pretty little heads didn’t know this, there are ways to track and block you freaking idiots!

Do you have a clue about “no follow” and forums like mine that “scramble” outgoing URLS inside profiles and posts?

Paid to spam forums….you should be put in jail. Clearly you have no integrity, nor do you have any freaking idea how much time and money a reputable forums’ staff puts into making their forums spammer free. Your clients pay TO NOT ENGAGE IN DISCUSSION, LINK DROP and POST IN THE NAME OF SOMEONE ELSE. (Which, by the way, impersonating someone is against the rules in some forums.) This means you take your clients money, your stupid posts get tossed out, they get banned and your client never has any idea why and you have their money. How so freaking clever of you!)

But, wait there’s more!

Article Submissions

* Our article submission services are manual.
* We will create Your separate account on each article directory with your Email account
* We will handover the control of author account on each articles directory at the time of completion of article submit job
* We will use three to four different anchor text in links on different directories to give you natural linking
* We will submit you the daily report of submission
* Our article acceptance rate is more than 50%
* We provide a list of sites where your article is published in a two week time

Packages :-
Submission to 50 Article Directories 20USD
Submission to 100 Article Directories 30USD
Manual Submission to 200 Article Directories 50USD
Manual Submission to 300 Article Directories 70USD

Lemme tell you what’s “manual”! ##$$%^^@@@^&*

Let’s back up to the part where you claim you have “experts”. You get a 50% article acceptance rate. So for a minimum of $20, you write an article for me (on what topic?), submit it to 50 article directories (less than $1 per submit) and there is maybe a 50/50 chance it is accepted.

You sent this “proposal” to a blog  writer, web site columnist and magazine writer?  Dumb Ass Move!

Do your expert article writers know how to write?  Of the 300 article directories, how many are in the language your client uses? How many cover your client’s web site topic? Who is the author, you or the client?

Guaranteed Directory Listing:-
* 100% static links
* One-way theme based listings
* All website directories will be search engine friendly and regularly indexed.
* You can use different anchor text and descriptions for listings
* Complete report with exact listing location will be given for your records.

50 listings 225USD
100 listings 400USD

Which should I go with. $500 for a MAYBE listing acceptance or $400 for GUARANTEED?

See above – “5200 Directories Submission 490 USD ”

Link marketing and article writing are a precise process. True experts never, ever take risks with client web site property.

We follow quality guidelines to ensure that you not only get full value for your investments in a link building campaign but also secure your investments for a long term. We never take short cuts, use automated tools or questionable tactics. We work smart, creatively and treat every site as if it were our own. Please feel free to revert back to me for more details or queries you might have regarding our services.

We are looking forward starting a long and healthy business relationship with you.

With best regards

Dear Dirty Diana from the software company that spammed me today,

Your SEO services are a fraud. One search provided me a little bit of luscious information.

Your site is not listed in DMOZ
It’s value is the grand total of $2056.00
Daily ad revenue is under $3
Google indexed 42 of your site’s pages, while Bing and Yahoo! have no idea who you are.
Your site age is 2 years old.

I discovered the spammy directories you submitted your site to within the past few weeks.

Your SEO services page is tucked away in the third level of your website. It consists of a 1/4 page of content that makes claims but has no backup, no proof of expertise, no pricing, and says, “the success and popularity of a search engine is determined by its ability to produce the most relevant results to any given search allowing those results to be false would turn users to find other search sources”

What?   Those gosh darned search engines sure have the power, eh?

It’s safe to say you’re doing whatever you can to help them


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