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Information Architects Are From Venus, SEOs Are From Mars

Here are some common mistakes that SEO professionals make that can negatively affect a website’s search engine visibility and ROI…

Decisiveness and Search: Two Different Strategies

A new study out of Wesleyan University explores the actual cognitive mechanisms of decisiveness. This has direct implications for search marketers, because every time we use a search engine, we’re forced to make decisions. In fact, every online interaction is a branching tree of decisions.

Web Form Innovations on Mobile Devices

The limitations of mobile devices have forced developers and designers to find new ways to make providing input faster and easier. Several of these innovations are now making their way back to the desktop and beyond.


Priming can be perceptual or conceptual. Perceptual priming is based on the form of the stimulus and is enhanced by the match between the early and later stimuli. Perceptual priming is sensitive to the modality and exact format of the stimulus. An example of perceptual priming is the identification of the incomplete sketch in the experiment described above. Conceptual priming is based on the meaning of a stimulus and is enhanced by semantic tasks. For example, table, will show priming effects on chair, because table and chair belong to the same category.