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Web Site Beauty is only Skin

I used to have a quote taped to my bathroom that read, “Beauty is only skin.” I knew that no matter what I did or said, I would first be judged by my skin. So are web sites.

Position, color, font, style, and length of important elements on pages within a site benefit from standardization because each page then “looks familiar” and adds to the effects of mere exposure. The site visitor’s comfort that “I’ve been here before” has empirical value because it speeds up processing fluency.

The word “beauty” seems to imply there is some characteristic within the object or web page design, or task design that makes it aesthetically pleasing. The authors call this the objectivist view. Much research has gone on in the past to define elements of art, design, and scientific simplicity to define elements that contribute to “beauty”.

You may enjoy User Experience” meets “Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty

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