Ms. Dewey Search Lives On

Every once in awhile I long for the days when my sassy female search idol, Ms. Dewey, would tap on my monitor asking where where I was. Today was one of those days.

If you remember, Ms. Dewey as a viral marketing campaign started by Microsoft 3 years ago this month. The site was an experimental interface for Live Search. It didn’t take searchers long to discover you could prompt her to say and do naughty, silly things with certain keyword searches.

Looking to see if there are any updates on her demise (they bring back dead soap opera stars, why not Ms. Dewey?), I found her domain alive and well sitting in the first spot in Google SERPS.

However, upon clicking the domain, I was redirected to a site called Evolution Bureau. Instead of her smiling face and cocky attitude, I found myself staring face to face with a big muscle bound dude. Then, the picture dissolved and I was facing an Office Max “Elf Yourself” ad. At first, I was miffed.

How could Microsoft let a company steal their domain? This was illogical, so I took a look around.

Turns out the company, called Evolution Bureau, created Ms. Dewey, along with advertising agency, McCann-Erickson. (Click to see a picture of our heroine holding a butcher knife.)

Of this project, they wrote:

Microsoft (a somewhat well-known computer company) and its traditional agency, MRM Gould, came to EVB with a very ambitious goal – to join Yahoo! and Google as a leader in the online search category.

In response to this challenge, we created one of the most successful and popular online experiences of all time – Ms. Dewey.

Their web site is creative, off planet quirky and stubbornly non-conformist. I had trouble figuring out what they do but I could imagine myself playing foos ball in their break room.
The mystery of why the search engine was shelved is still unknown. Perhaps unforgiven. According to Evolution Bureau, “Ms. Dewey lives on in a countless number of user YouTube recordings and in daily emails that we still get pleading for her return.”

So, I feel much better now. The sexy smart ass who who stripped for my husband is not floundering somewhere off camera. She resides now in a advertising agency’s portfolio.

Memory Lane

She was famous for responding to search queries:

“I read in a magazine that aliens snapped up the most beautiful woman in the world and put her on the internet, and that you can ask her anything and she’ll have an answer for you. What a crock.”
“Ok, take off your clothes. That’s right. Socks too. Now, fold them neatly, and toss them all out the window. (rings buzzer, you hear sirens) There, now you are screwed.”
“Keep asking questions. The more you ask, the more I will know. And, soon I will rule the world.”
“Doing the same thing over and over didn’t do anything for the last woman in your life. What makes you think I’m any different.”
“I tried that with three close friends once. Let’s just say my memiors would fetch a million.”
“Girls, don’t let him fool you, sometimes it is the size of the gun.”
“Honey, have you seen my birth control pills? You didn’t mistake them for breath mints again, did you? (guy drinking glass of water spits it out)”
“Like I always say, a girl’s got to be prepared. (takes out whip and slaps it down)”
“Hello, type something here!”

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