Let’s Talk About [Insert Your Brand Here]

In this week’s Search Engine Land “Just Behave” column, you’ll find an article I wrote called Of Conversations And Conversions.

Using real life examples, I hope to illustrate the power of conversation as it relates to conversions.

Funnily enough, at least several times a week, someone will ask me to “prove” usability counts.  They only want to pay for search engine marketing and put up Facebook.  They don’t want to hear about ease of use, understandability, memorability and how the human connection converts and persuades far better than a Flash demo.

Do you want to sell at a snail’s pace or do you want customers to do back flips over your site and products and tell their friends, family, Facebook buddies and fellow Tweeters?

Most search marketers focus on keyword marketing, keywords in domains and quantities of inbound links. This is important, but search engines are also strongly invested in our web usage behavior. Truly, it is how we search, make choices and interact online that matters most to conversion optimization, and it always has been.

Get inspired…. Of Conversations And Conversions.