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Usability/UX Design Insights You May Have Missed

Clicking back through my mountain pile scattered mess of TO READ links, are some juicy bursts of brilliance from the usability and user experience design community.

User experience is not just a result of UX design; rather, design directly affects user experience.

Is Design the Preeminent Protagonist in User Experience?

Typically, anything that moves and bounces detracts from Web usability; when navigation moves while users are trying to find their way, it’s deadly. Users should focus on the higher-level problem of where to go, not the lower-level problem of how to manipulate the GUI.

Top 10 Information Architecture Mistakes

For a crowd to truly be wise, it also has to be diverse. The Wisdom of Crowds works because the people on the edges balance each other out. Recruit too many people on one side of any spectrum and your results will suffer.

The Wisdom of Community


Information Architecture and Design Strategy: The Importance of Synthesis during the Process of Design

During the process of design, Designers attempt to draw connections between seemingly disparate ideas; they examine quantitative data provided from marketing and qualitative data gathered from end users, and before they can begin designing, they must make order out of the chaotic mess of research.


In many design conversations, there is a belief that applications are made enjoyable because we make them easy to use and efficient (interestingly, whether it’s stated or not, these conversations value the role that aesthetics plays in cognition). However, when we talk about how emotions influence interactions, it’s closer to the truth to say things that are enjoyable will be easy to use and efficient.

In Defense of Eye Candy

Good Stuff

All About Floats

Men like it fast, women like it good (Zeldman is brilliant with words.)

The Demise of ‘Form Follows Function’

Great Designs Should Be Experienced and Not Seen

and finally,

Footers In Modern Web Design: Creative Examples and Ideas

There is a number of possibilities: footers can contain personal illustrations, links to related sites, photos, web forms, icons, a lot of creativity. We’ve found out that quite often footers unfortunately also have SEO-spam and advertisement which don’t belong there in the first place.

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