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Cre8pc and UsabilityEffect Make Local News

I was interviewed by a reporter for a local newspaper the other day. Today, May 27, the piece has been run in print and online. It’s called Supermom Succeeds.

It’s not easy for me to remember how hard things were when I started out. The reporter tried to get a sense for what drove me and I knew I failed at offering a real answer. I couldn’t describe how I knew, without any doubt, I would be able to make my own way without any help from the government, welfare, divorce money, or family. I’m not afraid of working 24/7 and weeks with hours I don’t bother to count. Like now. It’s 3:30 am and I’m blogging, checking email and getting ready for today’s work.

It’s also my birthday today. In a few hours, I’ll be 51 years old. And for 8th year in a row, (I’ve been a sole proprietor since May 1, 2001), I get to leave my office to catch my son and his team play baseball. For me, being a “Super Mom” has meant owning my own consulting business without sacrificing any of the joys of being an involved, dedicated mom.

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