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Neuroscience Meets Mysticism Meets The Web: We Investigate Emo-Web

Twelve-plus years into the Internet Marketing and Usability/UX Web Design fields, I’m deeply entrenched in what I call Emo-Web. How much of our responses to web sites is planned before we ever arrived?

Taking a nudge from my article at Search Engine Land, How Does Your Web Site Make Visitors Feel?, a few people who resonate with what I presented are discussing the topic in Neuroscience Meets Mysticism. Although my first piece on the topic didn’t catch the imagination of those at Sphinn, it definitely has caught the eye of people who love to think and ponder outside our little box.

The research is incredible. There are books on spiritual marketing, neuromarketing, spiritual brain, womens brains, and if you can grasp it, the thousands of resources in quantum and mechanical physics and the neurosciences that, when dragged into our online marketing and usability perspectives, will shake you up. Or at least make you ask a lot of questions.

In the 1990’s I was tracking Kansei engineering and then it seemed to fall of my radar. Perhaps developers for the web weren’t ready for the real human part of the plan.

Just like usability, there are ways for desirability design to get beneath what people say to what they will act on.

We’re sending particles to each other every second, in many ways. Thoughts are one way. Computers are another. Radio and TV another. To name a tiny few. If you see that one energy field touches another and so on and happens outside even time and space, then I believe humans have developed a communication device that we don’t even know how to use yet, but we’re using it anyway and wondering what the hell is going on.

For usability, this is huge. For marketing, this is a monster.

Come join in or read what we’re talking about…

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