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Kim Krause Berg Has Helped People “Realize their own Dreams”

The following testimonial is a true account from someone who was there at the very beginning.

Alan Runfeldt says: As one of Kim’s earliest clients, I can attest to her story – and still recall the time I invited her over to use my credit card to buy food for the kids. It was a worthwhile investment in an extremely creative and energetic go-getter. When our CEO refused to pay her more than $25/hour, I upped her billing hours to make up the difference – again a good move on my part, because it wasn’t long before Kim had her own clients who saw her abilities and the results of her efforts and were willing to pay her a fair rate. We hosted her startup Cr8asite forums based upon our knowledge of her skills, abilities and overall capability. Soon, the site grew to a scale which required a dedicated server. Yes, we have known Kim for years and have seen what determination, skills and good character can do for not only her and the children, but for every client who has benefitted from her efforts. Kim is certainly one of the top 200 working Moms in the country and her efforts have helped many, many people realize their own dreams.

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