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Cre8pc is Everywhere But Here

All of my blogging and articles are in other places this week. After spending a few days at Search Engine Strategies in New York City this week, I’m inspired with ideas for future writings. Online marketing is hot, but I came away impressed with an obvious emphasis on user centered design and usability.

Marketers and advertisers are starting to understand how much they need each other for the long-term success of their clients and development of new ideas and an online presence.

Here I am:

Can Reading Online Be As Rewarding As Curling Up With A Good Book? (Sphinn it here)

Reading online is something I find difficult to do. For such a devoted reader, I think it’s surprising that no web based article or magazine holds the same magic for me as the printed word. Sometimes I’ll even print out a white paper, article or case study because I want to curl up on the couch to read it. I want to scribble notes on it. I like to use highlighters and write reminders for things that may come in handy later. I can’t take a highlighter to a web page. I can’t jot down notes on the screen.

(Well, I’m reading what I wrote and arguing with myself now. There is likely a way to jot notes. But even doing it in MS Word isn’t an option because the document would have to be there. Can you add notes in Kindle?)

Next, my blogging coverage for SearchMarketingGurus. I didn’t type every word from sessions. Rather, I tried to capture the education, insights, highlights and actionable advice.

Help Your Small Business Customers Feel Smart: Search Engine Strategies, NY

Small Businesses Succeed by Listening To Customers: NYC Search Engine Strategies

Matt Bailey on Advanced (Persuasive) SEO at SES NYC

Make Money Per Conversion, Not Click: Search Engine Strategies, NYC

and also from SEM, a well noted overview by Brian Cosgrove of an overflowing session (indeed, people were in the hallway trying to listen to this one.)

SEO: Where to Next? at SES NY

Twitter followed the conference and you can too via hashtag: #sesny

I appreciated the opportunity to attend this conference. My trip was made possible by Li Evans, of SearchMarketingGurus and the exceptionally  respected, full service Internet Marketing company, KeyRelevance, for which I extend my deepest thanks.

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