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Bye Bye Ms.Dewey Search Engine

I have rather shocking news to report. The loverly search engine sexy ex-porn star, MsDewey, has gone on to Search Engine Heaven (or is on vacation with some half-naked SEO’s feeding her grapes?)

I shall miss you.
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In her traditionally wacky, I’ll-dance-naked-on-the- bar-for-you kind of way, she teases Steve by saying, “You look really leadery.” He launches into a promotional dialog about delivering search in a different way and who can do this better than MsDewey?

During the roughly three minutes she was up there, she didn’t shut up. She inquires with Steve about her future and makes a list of demands for what she wants (”I want to go to Paris, or Panama…”) and apparently “Jeeves” is her chauffer now. Despite her script and its theme of the “future of search”, Danny seemed a little surprised at the intrusion and forgot where he was in his questioning.

This experimental search engine has been missing for a month now.

Discussion and Memorial Service

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