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Add Usability Services and Earn a Profit For Yourself

For years Cre8pc has supplied web site usability reports or site audits to companies and individuals, from small business to Fortune companies.  Some of the most well known marketing and SEO companies have sub-contracted these reports, many on a regular basis.

New for 2009! Partnerships with several top name SEO’s has enabled Cre8pc to offer support in the way of SEO, Social Media Networking, PPC Linking, and Web Design. These people co-quote on projects and together we offer a team approach for our clients. We can handle corporate to small businesses due to our talent pool, dedication and flexibility in pricing.

Reports are performed by a proprietary combination of Cognitive Walkthrough, Heuristics and Tasks testing procedures. Feedback is designed to be understandable, supportive and actionable.  Cre8pc never sticks to the same type of report because Human Factors data requires constant updates.  We specialize in offering the very latest in “best practices” and strictly adhere to a requirements based model.

There are several ways usability reports can be added to your present services. There are different reports and areas tested. Regardless of the type of service, Cre8pc offers its support to your company by cutting its rates to you, and allowing you to add on a minimum of $200 per report to pocket yourself. (Bulk reports offer deeper discounts.)

Why Usability?

The main objective of usability reviews and functional testing is to help a business succeed. Often, a company simply doesn’t know how to be successful online because their staff isn’t experienced with all the skills necessary to be and remain competitive.

Usability is a business decision if revenue is expected to come from a web site. It is used to determine what is wanted and needed by a business. Usability input is focused on delivering results and supporting all the ways and opportunities available to successfully meet those results. It’s tied to reputation management, customer service, word of mouth advertising and the return of investment for all marketing.

In addition to support for the business goals, usability testing acts as an advocate for customers and end users by educating companies on data collected on known user behavior, usage habits and issues such as those of disabled persons and the sight impaired. In some countries, such as the USA and the UK, web sites must meet certain legal requirements to do business online. Usability and human factors research are ongoing and closely tied to marketing goals and incentives.

All work quoted by Cre8pc is customizable and made to fit budgets of any kind. This means that you can quote a web design project for your client, and add a professional usability audit to validate that your client is getting the very best web site for their money. And every report you include from Cre8pc puts money in your own pocket!

Email Kim and ask for the Partnership documents to learn how to beef up your services and make a profit for yourself!

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