Ask Cre8pc (and Friends)

I’d like to explore your questions…on search engines, search engine optimization, user experience design, usability, accessbility, the SEO and Usability industries and whatever else is on your mind.

Please Email me anytime,or post your questions in the comments of this post.

Your question(s) may provide food for good discussions. I will seek a variety of answers from various sources, which will help promote the expertise of others and offer different perspectives and choices.

This is an opportunity for new people to join in the discussion. Let us get to know you! Ask what you want to know and we may come to you later to get your input to help others.

3 thoughts on “Ask Cre8pc (and Friends)”

  1. How can SEO and a search engine marketing campaign improve Leadsmarketer website (www.leadsmarketer) position in the search engines? Our marketing and sales department invested a lot of resources in writing all the content for our web site but we just can’t seem to be ranking high enough in the engines, while our competition is on top. Do we have to re-write it all over again?

  2. Whoo Hoo! The first question has arrived :) I decided to get some advice from several sources and gave ourselves 3/31 for a deadline. I’ll write a blog post with our advice shortly afterward.

    Any more questions from readers?

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