Search Engine People Interview Kim Krause Berg

Search Engine People published an interview conducted by Ruud Heim today, cleverly called Ruud Questions: Kim Krause Berg.

From the introduction:

The only way you haven’t heard of Kim yet is if you just started out.

Kim is the mama of search, the mommy of a whole generation of site builders, SEO experts and nowadays even usability folks.

With great care but ever greater determination she helps lead the forum she started: Cre8asite Forums. It’s one of the oldest forums and best respected site building and optimization forums out there, one with an A-Z approach rather than focusing on one aspect. (Disclosure: I’m a moderator at Cr8asite Forums).

She’s a woman with self-evident staying power and has transformed herself from a site builder to an SEO — and from SEO to respected usability expert.

Sweet! I’m pleased and honored to have been chosen by Search Engine People

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