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Even the Smallest Usability Changes Can Bring Instant Rewards

It was gratifying to meet with a returning client this past Tuesday night and learn that his conversions increased “immediately” upon making even the simplest of suggestions from his first usability audit.

He’s so excited that he emails me his new pages and jokes around that I said his was “disjointed” and “clunky” but now? He’s breaking revenue records for February already and returning for more help because now he has proof that usability testing increases revenue. According to him, the money he paid for my services was recouped right away by increased sales.

The following are some of my picks from this week’s usability and user experience reading travels:

Greg Nudelman has an interesting article called Starting from Zero: Winning Strategies for No Search Results Pages. He writes,

The typical product team has no coherent strategy for cases when there are no search results. Most teams spend the bulk of their design phase working on the search results pages for a successful search. Then, at the last minute, the engineers hurriedly slap something together for the no search results page and launch. Such an approach is detrimental to the success of a search experience.

LukeW took some notes at Interaction 09 on…Designing Natural Interfaces. One of my favorites:

Managing expectations: attract interest, need people to recognize what is interactive, grant permission to touch something. People are not used to these kinds of interactions. Can encourage exploration (more elegant) or explicitly instruct. Tap into an innate human interest in beauty. This makes people interested.

He also reported on Irrational Behavior

Old model: tracking, measurement, analysis –does not fulfill our emotional needs.

Sooo, wish I’d been there!

Jaimie Sirovich remembers the people in 3 Non-Obvious Things eCommerce Can Do When Rankings Implode

Loved this one from Karlyn Morissette , called Marketing: The difference between building a website and using it.

Unfortunately the web community seems to reject marketing as evil, mostly because of their lack of understanding about what it is. This only contributes to the problem of developing websites without considering how they’re going to be used. Marketing is not sales. It’s not spin. It’s not lying and deceiving your way into taking someone’s money. It’s showing people that what you are offering is valuable, and can help them solve a problem they are having (or to be more Kathy Sierra about it, it’s helping your users kick ass).

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