SEMMY Nominee, Miriam Ellis, Contacted for Interview

It’s the kind of action any contest nominee might wish for – being noticed and then interviewed. SEO Igloo’s Miriam Ellis wrote Seeing With Web Designer Eyes – 9 Evident Errors that was nominated for a 2009 SEMMY.

The article caught the attention of Laura Leopard of Leopard Solutions from New York. Subsequently, 2 interviews followed. Miriam tells the story in Watch An Interview With Web Designer, Miriam Ellis.

Miriam, a professional Internet Marketer and Moderator for Cre8asiteforums, is well known for her skills, attention to detail and years of experience in the web development and marketing industries. She’s most deserving of these screencast interviews.

Not only that, SEOIgloo is one of the few companies I refer work to and I’m very fussy with whom I partner with. Congratulations Miriam!

Sphinn nod here.

One thought on “SEMMY Nominee, Miriam Ellis, Contacted for Interview”

  1. Thank you, Kim! Your approbation is thrilling to me, and I am so grateful to you for this wonderful post. It was such a good opportunity to speak to the business community and, so far, the feedback has been great from the legal industry. I am so glad to think this may help some business owners take a fresh look at their websites, and I am so grateful to you for taking such kind notice of my efforts.


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