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Have You Seen My Glasses?

My knee surgery led to my getting a bad head cold, which made me sleep a lot. Once, I fell asleep and my adorable new puppy, Kynya, chewed up my $300 eyeglasses with the special lenses. It is through my fashionable, beat up frames that I share with you now.

If you want to live well and not die prematurely, you MUST read this book.

Says Stephen Spencer in, Reading this book could save your life

I love colors. Six Revisions lavishes us with Beautiful and Creative Examples of Vibrant Web Designs.

There will be more of this…When CyberSpace Gets Too Real

I was wrestling with my conflicting feelings about the death of a person when I’d been through the grieving stages for his friendship three years before. Mad Asthmatic’s wise words helped me reconcile and come to terms with my feelings and I thanked her in this post. She showed up on my blog afterwards with a very sympathetic comment offering even more wisdom in dealing with the situation. It was the last time I heard from her. She died that weekend.

Loved this…Mythology and Blogging

What seems clear to me is that avid blog readers come to blogs to tap into the electricity of the zeitgeist. It’s through contact with these short snackable posts that our readers anchor their days, open up some new lines of thought, get in touch with archetypal imagery, and sometimes find really delineated ‘to do’ lists. Is it really any different then gathering around the fire pit to listen deep into the night as the tales of the gods and heroes get exchanged?”

Hats off to my good friend, Barry Schwartz (Aka “RustyBrick”), who is in Israel right now, but his SearchEngineRoundtable doesn’t miss a beat!

Also, kudos to Virginia Nussy at Bruce Clay blog for doing a great job stepping into another blogger’s shoes.

Gord Hotchkiss has been cranking out some fantastic stuff lately. One such piece is Google Evolving Back to its Core. He writes,

In the meantime, think for a moment how search has positioned itself. Despite one of the worst economic years in recent memory, Google showed 23% growth in revenues. During the same time period, every other economic metric went into free-fall. Consumer confidence plunged to its lowest levels ever. Retails sales and online sales both hit the skids. Let’s not even talk about home sales. The Dow Jones is down 40% in the past year. The economy didn’t just slow down. It screeched to a halt. But in this same time, search kept plugging through without a hiccup. Did the astronomical growth continue? No, but 23% is pretty damn good in anyone’s books.

People kept searching and clicking on ads. In fact, according to AdGooroo and Covario, they did so more than ever. The only thing impacting search right now is the sheer fear of advertisers who are being assailed on all fronts.

PeterD always nails it. Every time. The man is a God. The 100+ Ranking Variables Google Uses, And Why You Shouldn’t Care

The future of SEO, therefore, will be increasingly about engaging people. The search engines will be measuring the signals users send.

And finally, just a wee article I wrote while on painkillers for my knee. Hence, The Extended Brain, Search Marketing & User Experience Design.

When Google went from being just another new search engine to the search engine, I couldn’t stop comparing the company to the cartoon series, Pinky and the Brain. In my mind, the conversation between Larry and Sergey was identical to the two lab mice:

Larry: “Gee Sergey, what do you want to do tonight?”
Sergey: “The same thing we do every night, Larry—try to take over the world.”

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