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Friction between Networking SEOs

Shortly before going in for knee surgery last Monday, I debuted on WebmasterRadioFM. If you hadn’t given it a listen, you can try it here at Usability SEO Queen Kim Krause Berg, of the Cre8asiteforums, discusses friction between networking SEOs and how it leads to create link bait and feeds trolls.

As if on cue, someone complained last week that I have no idea what I’m doing because Cre8asiteforums is a PR3. The complaint came in the form of a jibe that I’m too busy being a hot shot to care about the forums page rank score in Google.

The last time me or anyone checked PR score for Cre8asiteforums was when we were penalized for using TLA text ads. It angered me enormously to be banished for raising revenue that we never kept for ourselves. Our practice has always been to give away revenue by sponsoring events, paying for courses and internships and other ways we’ve lent support to the SEO industry. I haven’t bothered to check PR in years and nobody on the staff is staring at it, nor basing the worth of the forums on that toolbar.  Our worth and value go far beyond what Google has to say about us.

I have to admit that I’ve spent the week thinking a lot. My previous post went over like a lead balloon. I took some grief for it. Admitting I was still sorting out my thoughts and basically outflowing made no difference. I was willing to be wrong and corrected. I was. On both counts. The folks who defended Twitter made good points. But what ticked me off was the wild herd of followers of just one person on Twitter who said she “disagreed” with me. Everybody had to go see, what? A fight? Let’s see who can bring down Cre8pc? What infuriated me is that the person who disagreed with me never gave a reason. All that mattered was that it was her and her followers had to go see. She meant no disrespect towards me, but I’m left with a really bad feeling about the whole “followers” habit.

In any case, I’m learning to walk on my fixed up knee. It’s a busy time here because usability help is in high demand and still growing. Cre8asiteforums rocks. The community there are exceptional, devoted people who make positive, healthy contributions to their SEO and web design peers.

I rate it a 10.

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  1. January 17, 2009    

    Anyone who would judge anything by toolbar PR is a fool.
    Nuff said!

    Glad your surgery went well, was gonna email and ask, now i don’t have to!

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