Cre8pc on Reputation Management SEMMYS Nomination

What do you do when you’re nominated in a category that isn’t in your line of work?

Work harder.

My blog post, Online Reputation Management: What Goes Around May Be Total Crap, was nominated in the Reputation Management category.

Have you noticed how one dimensional social networking is? Or how the sense of Time feels awkward when you crank up Twitter and see comments from “0 seconds” ago, “4 hours ago” or the huge gaps of nothingness that occurs in Space when Twitter goes down and all is silent? You just know that in another dimension somewhere, somebody is trying to type into Twirl, only to get the message saying the message quota is on overload. We can’t see the people banging their desks, but we know they’re there.

And then I start talking about ethics.

Interestingly, after this post came out, I was accused of being unethical by someone.

One thought on “Cre8pc on Reputation Management SEMMYS Nomination”

  1. Congratulations, Kim! It’s always the pieces we thought were secondary to our main topic that seem to get all the attention, isn’t it? Oh well – it’s better than a kick in the head ;)

    Anyone who accuses you of being unethical needs to get out of the monastery more.

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