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It’s Spring at My House

This was my giggle for the day. I’m on the Board of Directors for my town’s baseball Little League. My role is their head webmaster. There’s me and a few others who pitch in during the busy season, keeping up with scores, schedules, etc. All of us, of course, are volunteers.

Registration for the 2009 Spring season starts next month. It’s an exciting time. Typically we get a minimum of 500 boys signing up for Spring ball and then there’s also Fall Ball, which draws a little less. There is also the high school baseball team and Connie Mack competitive teams, and many boys, such as my son, will play on two or even three teams if they can.

I’m starting to get maintenance messages from Board members for calendar changes and announcements for next year.

It’s an odd thing…working on the Spring baseball season while it’s snowing outside.

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