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Thankful for a Day Off, Akesana and Guest

I’ve promised myself to leave the laptop at home tomorrow and allow myself to be fed and entertained tomorrow by family in Ocean City, Maryland. We may even run down to the beach. A day with family is something I’m always grateful for. And, it’s always sweet to visit the eccentric family members – at least once or twice a year.

I have two new web sites in the works. Akesana is my playful one. It’s been privately dubbed by myself and some friends as “The site that has no purpose.” I’m scoping out writers for it, so pop me an email if you like the vibe. And yes, pen names are accepted. That’s part of the point of the site. Nobody has to worry about clients there.

The other site I’m building is professional and a bigger, serious endeavor. It’s the reason I’m all about Drupal these days.

If you need a kick in the pants or new thinking about what’s possibly causing problems on your web site, I wrote a guest post for Search Engine People called How Web Site Requirements Keep Your Project From Exploding.

Without getting all technical and drop-dead boring on you, I’d like to offer some basic help with requirements that you can apply right now and use to make sure your web site isn’t going to tank on you. Feel free to adapt this to your own way of doing things. The most important part of this process is to get everyone thinking and working off the same page.

Happy Thanksgiving from Cre8asiteforums!

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