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Grow Your Skills with Website Optimization by Andrew King

Whenever I look at job descriptions for web site design positions, it amazes me the long list of expectations companies have these days. Most of them want someone who is skilled in programming, search engine marketing, graphics design, usability, and writing. Then, they ask for specific skills using particular software products, knowledge of standards and global laws, search engine optimization, and testing methodology.

I’m not a believer in surface level skills. I’d rather hire experienced persons from different niches and put together a team of experts rather than hire one person who has a surface knowledge of basics in all the required areas. However, in certain situations like budget limitations, or self-learners or sole proprietors who wear many hats, the book I’d definitely turn to is Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets

This is the kind of book I wish had been available earlier in my career. But it’s here now and it’s a Wish List addition for those of you who like books and learning from them. This book, written by Andrew King and put out by the O’Reilly publishers is split into two sections. The first is Search Engine Marketing Optimization and the second is Web Performance Optimization.

Don’t let those simple headings fool you. This book is about optimization, yes. It also teaches how to measure your results, without getting all technical and confusing. Ajax, which first confounded me, is explained, with instructions on how to optimize and use it without killing conversion rates. The book covers metrics, advanced techniques and gets into performance secrets, CSS assists (who even knew you could optimize CSS?) and well, you have to check out Chapter Nine on Advanced Web Performance Optimization.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season by exploring new ways to enhance your web site. When you’re done with this book, you’ll be even closer to becoming that miraculous web site development employee from heaven companies are scouting the Internet for.

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