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Fortify Your SEO in One Hour

One quick peek at any place where search engine optimization is discussed illustrates the mountains of information passed along by generations of SEO’s. I used to spend hours into the night while the kids slept figuring out how to push web pages into the maze of search engines.

I learned from Internet software QA methodology the value of time and paying attention to small details. This is why testing is valuable and should be done by someone other than those who design and build web sites and Internet applications. The same can be said for SEO work. There’s so much to remember to do, making it too easy to overlook important details. Sometimes you’re just in a hurry.

This is not the time of year to mess up on small details or cut corners. It’s a time when everyone is fighting for the same buck as you are. One way to make sure your web site is prepared is to run it through Matt McGee’s How to SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes.

As long as I’ve been around, I still grab onto resources that remind me of the little things and its a relief when I find easy to follow examples. I was just messing around with redirecting URLS yesterday. Matt’s ebook explains the importance of this for search engines. He also had me cheering where he gets into navigation and links assistance. His advice solves both SEO and usability issues. The JavaScript workaround for search engines? He shows you how to do it. Confused about “page rank flow”? It’s in there.

Matt McGee’s How To SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes comes with illustrations and is very readable. It’s not overly technical, making his suggestions easy to apply as you go along. The document comes with updates to all who purchase it, so it becomes a “living document” that will provide value to you long past your needs of today.

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