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Digging Through My Pile

In case you haven’t noticed, the last several really good posts or articles from me have been placed into other places rather than this one. Why? Because I have very loyal, generous friends.


1. The Cre8pc Blog made Blogs.com’s Top 10 Customer Experience, Tech, and Business Strategy Blogs list, chosen by Ravi Lichtenberg. (Sphunn here.)

2. UserEffect’s Dr. Pete has released Converting The Believers: How to Turn Website Visitors into Buyers, which I’m reviewing but hey, don’t wait for me. It’s Dr. Pete! (Who also made Blogs.com Top 10 list!)

3. I know a real author! Matt McGee’s new book, U2Diary is out now.

4. Not an announcement, but this is too cool to not show you – 40 Beautiful Free Icon Sets.

5. The aforementioned Matt Mcgee also offers How to SEO Your Site in 60 Minutes. (“Come and join the party…Dress to…” You rock my friend!)

I know I’m forgetting something.

I liked this from Gord Hotchkiss, Democracy Changed on November 4th.

Peter DaVanzo is back in action and writing for Aaron Wall’s SEOBook. One of his latest is A Spring Clean For SEO, Even Though It’s Winter. I’m a long-time admirer of Peter’s writings and the talent of Peter and Aaron together is awesome.

Cre8asiteforums has gone over 17,000 members!

I have more interviews coming up, more guest blog posts due elsewhere and about 5 book reviews that are all overdue.

And work.

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  1. November 6, 2008    

    I was pleasantly shocked to be included on any list with Cre8pc, and thanks for the kind words. Also, congratulations on Cre8asiteforums hitting 17,000 members!

    I’ve been sorely tempted to buy Matt’s book, but my wife loves Bono and I’m afraid she’ll steal it ;)

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