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Every town should have a winning team and Philadelphia is no different. Traditionally, our sports teams get whisper-close to huge wins and then crap out in the last seconds. Tonight, nobody is breathing anywhere near Philadelphia. If the Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, no cheese steak is safe. To celebrate any excuse to root on the Phillies, I decided to open my secret stash and share some of my finds with you.

Update: The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series in game 5 of 7.


Where to put those danged ads is nicely presented in 17 Ways To Increase Advertising Income On Your Website

Usability Math.

Loopy linking.  There are times when a web site’s link structure and navigation paths are like a cornfield maze with scarecrows pointing in both directions at the same time.  Rebecca Kelly tackles the topic well in Are You Forcing Your Users to Superfluously Click?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by Barry Welford continues the MRN series at Cre8tive Flow.


I understand that not everyone agrees on what marketing and trust are or even if the two can share the same bathroom. I do understand, however, that if your customers don’t trust you, your brand or your company, a lot of money is wasted. Peter DaVanzo wrote a tasty article on the topic for SEO Book called Earning Trust One Click At A Time. The article is loaded with suggestions.

Be nice. Jared Spool’s What Goes into a Well-Done Critique describes how to not be a jerk.


Like it rough? Free High Res Rough Textures

Design inspiration cup runneth over…50 Beautifully Dark Web Designs

Sexy women sell. Booth Babes. Marketing eye candy or sexist manipulation for desperate nerds?

You can’t con an icon. Icon Design Tutorial

Take a Bow

My number one favorite firm for travel and hospitality industry websites, Blizzard has hired new Vice President of Sales George Meshkov. Kudos to Blizzard Internet Marketing. I love their dedicated staff and wish them the best.

When she’s not kicking puppies or losing her cats, Lisa Barone is writing for her new employer, WeBuildPages and their new blog, We Build Pages Internet Marketing Blog.

Meet the incredible Shelley Powers.

Congrats to Digital Operative on the launch of their web site. To announce your web site, check out this new announcements forum.


Some new toys to play with:

FieldCREW in development.

Shorten the knee-length of your long URL with Cli.gs. It shortens. Tracks. And bakes brownies.

Try out CoPilot if you like helping people.

Save Money. Save Time.

Save money, save your company. Save your sanity with affordable web site usability support.


Go Phillies!


  1. October 30, 2008    

    To be fair, I never actually kicked a puppy and I blame the lost “flying” cat thing totally on Pat!


  2. October 30, 2008    

    Thank heavens! (About the puppy). Oh, and thank heavens Jack has 19 lives :)

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