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How Search Engines and the Internet Change Human Behavior

My debut article for the usability column at Search Engine Land, called “Just Behave”, is out today. I’d like to present to you, The Secret Influence of Search Behavior.

By making more information available online, our habits are changing. We’re teaching one another new tricks and evolving together. We’re sharing more stories by way of social networking. We’re learning new ways for doing the same old things. We’re willing to be talked into most anything, especially if we read it on the web, in an email from a friend or click a search engine result that looks credible.

I’ve already been offered a sample of nuts from Oh Nuts who read the article. For my Jewish friends, they sell bulk, wholesale kosher nuts. And, don’t forget Hanukkah Gift Baskets.

If you are “Sphinner”, you will find the article has been sphunn today at Sphinn.

Search Engine Land has also launched another new column, called Bookshelf, which will be used for book, reports and white paper reviews.

New Free Tool

Check out the useful, free Ad Rate Calculator developed by Search Engine Marketer, Donna Fontenot aka “DazzlinDonna”

Happy Halloween

Cre8asiteforums celebrates Halloween


High Rankings Forums reached 18,000 members. Forums are strong! Whoo Hoo!

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  1. November 2, 2008    

    You guys are 5 away from hitting 17,000!

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