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Is it just me, or is everything feeling very strange lately? Good friends are literally being beat up online and their reputations taking serious blows.  I visualize a slight breeze, picnic lunch with wine, beer and good friends under a big spreading oak tree and deciding which puffy clouds look like cows in the sky…

Marketing Right Now

Barry Welford has a series running called “Marketing Right Now” (or MRN) running at the Cre8asiteforums Blog, Cre8tive Flow. His latest post is MRN – The Blog. If you would prefer to start at the beginning of the series, MRN starts here.

From Barry’s introduction:

This series of articles provide the essential information you need to do successful marketing. There are seven articles in the series and each is about 1000 words long. The guiding principle has been to give you what is essential, to cut out all unnecessary prose, rather than to have you read a huge tome.

Speaking of Cre8asiteforums, we have implemented two new items. Due to the enormous problem of bot spam, ALL new members are required to pass through a 3 pronged validation process, with the final step being Admin approval. All new members must have no prior record of spam history.

The second addition is attractive to those of you seeking inexpensive advertising. Cre8tive Community Announcements & Jobs Board is a fee-based forum for classified advertising. The fee you pay goes into our “give back” revenue, where we support conferences, “camps”, “unconferences”, scholarships, course, and much more. We provide 2 URLS and 100 word space. (No-follow links but posts are indexed.)

Interesting Finds

Discussion: A World Without Search Engines

Key Relevance Covers Emetrics in Washington, DC, coverage by Li Evans.

Also by Key Relevance was this personal account, by Christine Churchill on SMX East recently.

Lee Odden’s Top Rank blog has a good post called Corporate Blogging Trends, Insights and Events


I was invited to join the writing team for the “Just Behave” column at Search Engine Land, where I join Lance Loveday, Shari Thurow and Gord Hotchkiss. It’s an enormous honor to be joining book authors and esteemed industry leaders.

And….In The Nobody Cares Kim Department

An alien appears to have taken over my college freshman daughter, Arielle. She lives at home still, while working at nights and taking a full-time college course load. In her spare time, she’s been organizing ALL the closets, the entire kitchen, food shopping for me and not only doing everyone’s laundry, but folding it! Our most deepest and heartfelt thanks to whatever planet You sent this one from.

May we keep her?

Those on Twitter and Facebook have already put up with me yesterday about this but I’m still in awe, so bear with me, please. My 14 year old son (he’ll be 15 next month), Stefan, won the gold medal in his class (age/weight) in the USAPL Northeastern USA Power Lifting Championship Regionals. I posted pictures of him here.

Nine tries and successfully completed all 9 attempts. Final totals for him:
Squat – 285 lbs
Bench Press – 155 lbs
Dead Lift – 340 lbs

We have weight room and exercise equipment (courtesy of generous family members who support Stefan and his sports stuff). Last evening Stefan taught me how to Dead Lift using proper form. I did 70 lbs!

Better yet, he didn’t laugh at me.


  1. Dr. Pete's Gravatar Dr. Pete
    October 21, 2008    

    “Is it just me, or is everything feeling very strange lately?”

    Seriously – Is it too much to ask for a drama-free week in the SEO and/or usability communities? I’m close enough to a heart attack with the financial markets in a mess and the election two weeks away. I’ve been skimming Google Reader and just hitting “Mark All As Read” this week.

  2. October 22, 2008    

    First, yes…everything does feel strange lately. As Dr. Pete pointed out above, I’m sure the state of affairs in this nation and around the world has a lot of people on edge. As such, I think a lot of that fear, anger and frustration is seeping through to and having a negative impact on all aspects of our lives.

    In much the same way some take bad days out on our loved ones at home, some online tend to do the same with their online friends and colleagues. It’s sad, really…in a time when we should be standing together and showing the world what Americans really stand for, we find it more appropriate to tear one another down in a failed attempt at finding comfort in others’ misery.

    Kudos on the community announcements and jobs board. And, for the record, I believe Arielle may very well be from another planet. ;) And Stefan, too, for that matter…but for a different reason: 14 years old and dead lifts 340. ;) And look at you go with a dead lift of 70 lbs. Not bad for a weight lifting rookie. ;)

  3. October 22, 2008    

    Oh…and congrats on joining Search Engine Land’s “Just Behave” column. :)

  4. October 28, 2008    

    My daughter is starting college next year and we are debating the merits of staying at home vs going away. As we are leaning toward staying home it is nice to see that yours is going that route as well. I hope mine will do laundry and organize.

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