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How to Add Usability Heuristics into Your SEO Audit

Last July I asked the Community at Cre8asiteforums the following questions in a thread titled “As An Seo/sem Or Web Dev, What Do You Want To Know About Usability?“:

“I’m sending you to a search engine marketing conference and I want you to pick up some education usability”.

What would you want to know?

What would be useful information for you work or business?

Is it more about what it is, or how to implement it or a balance of both?

The feedback was interesting and based on how aware each person was about web site usability and its relationship to search engine optimization practices. Some people wanted to know more about this relationship and some wanted to see testing data. When the idea of a “cheat sheet” came up, I began to think this would be a fine way to show SEO’s how usability heuristics support their efforts and even add more punch to certain organic SEO techniques.

Thus, my talk in about two weeks at SMX East in New York city, October 6-8 is on Adding Usability Heuristics into your SEO Audit.

I’m scheduled for two sessions on Wednesday. The first is the Give It Up: White Hat Edition at 10:45. Next up is my session on SEO & Usability at 1:15, which is moderated by Gord Hotchkiss from Enquiro and I’m joined by LanceLoveday from Closed Loop Marketing .

Where Have I Been Lately?

It’s been hectic! Our Search Camp Philly event was a blast. From a speaker’s perspective, it was a nice blend of give and take with attendees. While we were encouraged to bring power point presentations and some type of prepared talk, the casual and free flowing nature of the event made for a cooperative learning experience. At times, attendees were able to inject fresh ideas or tips or experiences of their own which helped to bring across a point or boost someone’s self confidence.

I could wear jeans. Anywhere I can wear jeans and flip flops is a hit for me.

Search Camp Philly was a success and a learning experience for those of us who helped to get it going, or sponsored it (as Cre8asiteforums did by donating $500) or gave talks. I gave 4 talks, some of which were standing room only. I was truly gratified to see nearly everyone taking notes during my Usability 101 session.

We hope to do more search camps. If you’d like to get involved or simply want to meet peers in the NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE area, we meet this Tuesday, September 23, in King of Prussia. (View information for our meetup at Bahama Breeze. We expect a large group next week and strongly suggest letting Li Evans know if you’re coming so we can reserve the space. We’re all volunteers who love the industries we serve and meeting others who wish to give back, teach and add their support in positive ways.

My husband Eric and I attended the magical wedding in Oregon last week of a good friend, strong supporter of my SEO/Usability work and who once was a Moderator at Cre8asiteforums. This was the first wedding I’ve attended in which the entire ceremony was unique to the couple and laughter was the main course.

Eric and I have known one another for over 18 years and will be married 4 years in December. We’ve never had a honeymoon or traveled for long without our combined family. Another one of Cre8asiteforums’ Moderators, Donna (aka “Swainzy”) used to run a Bed and Breakfast in Sonoma Valley, northern California. She kept insisting that I take a vacation and come to her place. Rest. Unplug. Be kind to Kim.

I don’t know how to slow down. However, the idea of a trip to Oregon and wine country began to seep into my brain cells and Eric leaped at the opportunity to escape. We visited Glen Ellen and saw the Pacific ocean for the first time. Our private cottage at Donna’s was tucked behind a breathtaking walking path through tall Redwood trees. She and her husband took us sight seeing and we ate at incredible restaurants. That, along with a day shopping in Ashland, OR, made for one week I won’t soon forget. Even our flights back and forth across the US went without a hitch!

Now I’m home. It’s football season of course and that means my son, who plays starting offense and defense for his Freshman High School team, is a very busy guy. So far they’re undefeated. My daughter has adjusted to college and loves it. The youngest didn’t start school until later because his teachers went on strike for better pay.

I’m back and looking forward to a busy Autumn.

How are you?

What’d I miss?

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  1. September 22, 2008    

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