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Mobile Marketing Focus in Search Marketing Standard Fall Issue

Here’s your challenge. Where can you find topics in one place that will go with you in the car, bathroom or office and doesn’t need electronics to access?

Alternatives to Google AdWords – There are?

Ranked Hard SEO comic

Performance pricing

Mobile marketing

Google Ad Planner

An Interview with Andy Beal

Micro-blogging (Tweet Tweet)

What a Link can tell a Search Engine (peekaboo?)

Tigers – aka Internet use in Asia-Pacific

Speed dating – aka Usability and SEO

Where you will also find:

“The first stage of any SEO implementation is keyword research and selection.”

“Many businesses, and even some mobile industry professionals, think that simply ensuring full-sized websites are stripped down of graphics and formatted into a single column for easier viewing on a mobile device is enough to create a satisfying mobile web experience.”

“The iPhone has changed the way the world sees mobile Internet access.”

“The first thing companies should do is listen.”

“What I think is important to keep in mind is that these services are being used by a fairly influential group of people.”

“When presented alongside positive attributes, negative messages didn’t adversely affect whether or not someone bought an item.”

“All of a sudden, people are looking for directions, reading restaurant reviews, and checking the latest news headlines right on their mobile phones.”


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