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Do You Support Your Favorite Bloggers?

NOT EVEN BEING NOMINATED for Hottest Female Blogger, hurt my feelings is a giant relief! Because as it goes, several of my friends were nominated by their fans and made the Hottest Female Blogger Calendar poll. I was faced with having to pick just one. Ridiculous!

As one who rarely wins anything (my blog, wet t-shirt contests, sexy working ass off mom awards), I have to say that these contests are a marketing dream annoyance. First of all, it frustrates the heck out of me because I’m too old to be voted for casting calls for (Hey I’m not dead yet) Playboy’s Hot Blogger

The thing is, someone nominates you. Then, after you recover from laughing and sending the person poison darts in your mind, you have to go looking for votes because should you lose or not perform well, your brand and reputation are at risk.

Of course, nobody takes these things seriously. What is there to vote on? Do we have some criteria? What do we know about nominees? Do their sites rank high? Do they write topics of substance? Do their opinions matter? Do they make us laugh, get angry, cry, or rush out and save forests?

What is the definition of “hot” on the web?

I look for depth of character, and this is hard to find because many bloggers aren’t authentic. What you read is whatever they have to sell you that day, whether it be themselves, their intelligence, their concern for an issue or their rant. Some have ads on their site and THIS is why they blog. Nothing wrong with that.

However, if this isn’t balanced with topics outside of themselves, after awhile I understand that they’re blogging to their own mind. Their incentive or core intent is to promote and market rather than offer something for the sheer pleasure and satisfaction of giving. They need money rather than conversation.

I have something to sell too. I’m a usability consultant, who works one on one with companies, account managers and clients, and I don’t typically get to see them. I work hard at conveying that I’m easy to work with. I have a very long track record online for caring about someone’s online success and I’m willing to customize any job to meet to budgets or areas of concern. Sure, I have references. But I also include my Blog as a reference as insight into my areas of interest, skills, passion, humor and desire to help.

Whether or not someone has an agenda is less important to me than how I feel after I’ve read something they blogged about. If I leave thinking I want to know them more, this is hot in my book.

How Do I Support Thee? Lemme Rack up the Ways

When we want to show appreciation for someone, there’s hundreds of ways to do that, both on and off-line. I still make my kids write “Thank You Notes” when given gifts, say “thank you” in person or return a favor that was done for them. It feels great to keep a good vibe going, especially if someone made you feel good.

We have options on the web. We can link, write, put up free ads, volunteer for guest blogging, discount ad rates, offer free advice in forums, leave positive comments, interview persons you admire, review their book or blog or business, Twitter back (many Tweets go unanswered or ignored), say “Hello” in Facebook and MySpace comments, write testimonials, connect in Plaxo and Linkedin and vote up articles and posts you find interesting, informative, well written or entertaining.

We shouldn’t have to beg for votes and links but we do because the first impulse for most of us is to be lazy and not offer any sign of acknowledgment.

With polls being more or less a promotional tool for the site who runs one and a click-fest for the nominees…which is okay, all I’m saying is we’re busy, we’re grumpy, we’re fussy but we can STILL take a few seconds out of our day to drop some “You did good today” vibes somewhere or “I miss you!”

And if someone writes something that really helps you with new information written in a non-technical way , let them know.

They may do it again.

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  1. August 26, 2008    

    I agree…I dislike these contests that are baseless in nature. Recognition should be for something useful that you’ve contributed to the world in some way, shape or form. Give me a break, they nominated Ann Coulter as one of “the hottest bloggers!” I’m sorry, there is nothing “hot” about a racist bigot.

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