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For SES SJ Attendees to Read on the Plane Ride Home

The annual class reunion conference for Search Marketing Industry folks, called SES San Jose is wrapping up. All week I was glued to the radio, aka “Twitter”, listening in to the events while working, cough, working.

Having been to one of these affairs, catching up next week is going to be hell. Co-workers resent you. Jet-lag. Deadlines due “yesterday”. Family wants “quality time”. The pets ignore you as their way of punishment. You spent all your money at the bar so you’ll starve the rest of the month. And you’re scared to death you’ve missed something interesting while you were sucking up to famous people.

So. I took some notes for you. Here’s some random stuff I bookmarked that was Stumbled or Twittered or blogged in my face somehow.

Build An Incredible Login Form With jQuery

What if there was a way to easily make the content accessible on every page, but keep it hidden until needed? Well you can, by making a top panel that when clicked, will reveal its self and its content.

I’m thinking of going. eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit

I wanted to go here. SMX East but I don’t think my pitch went over well so I’ll have to sneak in the kitchen, grab a barmaid uniform and serve beer instead.

Sophie and Raoul have relaunched Think Prospect. The talent and skills this couple have are outstanding. I STRONGLY recommend this company.

Will Horizontal Layouts Return? I don’t know, but my gawd, could they PLEASE put the article content somewhere above the page fold?

Accessibility – Accessibility Beyond Compliance

Not burned out yet from so much Community? Try The Four Levels Of Community Engagement

and Shepherding Passionate Communities

Being a community manager is like being a piñata. People beat you with sticks and you still need to give them candy.

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class (video). (People send me all kinds of stuff!)

I started Web Site Usability 101 using Jakob Nielsen’s Useit web site as our group project.

Meet people who were stuck home with me here and here.

This is how I learned someone (cute and adorable)

..was already (ga ga) over Kim due to her pic in her ihelpyou.com profile.

That was like what, like 5 years ago?

Black hat SEO’s looking for a job? Try this one. From the ad,

Tarot.com is the largest provider of authentic divination sites on the web.

On those paranoid days try Online Identity Searching and Tracking Tools

For paranoid usability folks, The Future of Usability Testing

Development is driven by budgets and deadlines; if usability is not included explicitly in the requirements then any usability improvements that could lead to overruns will be shelved until a version 2 fix cycle.

Which is why I’m hired because I’m beautiful and cheap.

For you geeky show offs, Meet Windows 7. Not to be confused with Seven of Nine. She’s hot.

If you’re on the plane and get Internet access, don’t say I didn’t warn you to NOT laugh out loud…30+ Hilarious Blogging Jokes: The Ultimate Collection

In the dreadful event you’re stuck sitting next to someone boring, here’s a few…

“If a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it…does it make a difference?”

“You don’t send me Trackbacks anymore. Are you blogging someone else?”

Daydreaming of a new blog layout? A Review of the Thesis WordPress Theme is a must-read.

Feeling feisty? Strong Enough for Man But Made for A Woman!, How to Help Your Husband Buy a Thong and Can An Image of a Pretty Woman Boost Conversion?

Don’t Miss

“Marketing in a Recession” by the great folks at FutureNow.

Fantomaster’s new 20 Links A Day

New book, Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets, which I’m to review. It’s on my list.

Bob Massa’s “Authority Sites” and How to Build Your Own For Fun and Profit

It’s official – Search Marketing Standard Acquired by iNET Interactive

That about raps it up but I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…I’m a Gemini

Geminis are both interesting and interested. Their wit can be dazzling and their changeability dizzying. At the very least, Geminis will seldom bore you.

Okay, now relax, put your head back and take a nice long nap. Welcome home.

We missed you.


  1. August 21, 2008    

    It was a class reunion at least for me, sorry you weren’t here, it would have made it complete. You’re interesting, interested and never boring.

  2. August 21, 2008    

    Nobody could ever call me boring :)

    I can’t believe we lost this chance to get together, but there will be others I’m sure. They haven’t been able to shut me up yet :)

  3. August 23, 2008    

    You’d think the folks at Tarot.com could read some cards that will tell them who their next SEO professional would be:.)

  4. August 23, 2008    

    @Todd…LOL, I was thinking along the same lines :)

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