Changes in Store for Recently Acquired Search Marketing Standard

Nearly 3 years ago, we welcomed a new magazine to the search engine industry called Search Marketing Standard. Cre8asiteforums has been a strong supporter and Publisher, Andrey Milyan, Editor in Chief, has kept us updated for years.

Search Marketing Standard has been acquired by a media company called iNET Interactive, a social media company operating prominent online communities for Internet professionals and technology enthusiasts that includes and

Kevin Gold, Director of Marketing at iNET Interactive, and also a contributor to Search Marketing Standard since the first issue, may likely be the spearheading future improvements once the acquisition is settled.

I asked Andrey about some of the upcoming possible changes and what readers might expect to see. Not much is known as yet. However, “Everything is being reviewed and considered”. Andrey hopes to add more content to the SMS website by recruiting more contributors.

It is likely that (our) online properties will see a makeover first. For the magazine, we’ll see. We know a lot of our readers want to see the magazine published more often and that’s something we are keeping in mind.

Learn more by reading press articles. or meeting the staff.

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