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There’s so much going on that I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just dive in with what I have and what I tucked away to show you.

Search Engine Strategies in San Jose is next week and no, I’m not going this year. Last year’s felt like it just happened yesterday and to be honest, I had a such helluva time getting there that I’ve remained on the East coast ever since.

I’ll be teaching at Search Camp Philly in September. I now understand the agony conference planners go through. Our small gig in Philadelphia has been met with complaints by professional complainers who incarnated into this lifetime for the sole purpose of spreading misery. So let me repeat. NOBODY IS PAID to present, staff or speak. The $21 fee for the ENTIRE WEEKEND is donated to Temple University. A very small group of people struggled to put this together. There’s probably more people at your Sunday family dinner than the number of folks trying to put on a dignified, fun weekend seminar for search marketers.

The Internet Marketers of Delaware Valley will meet tomorrow night for dinner and networking. My husband and son are coming so I will get there without getting lost, like I always do.

Cre8asiteforums still rocks even though there’s like 3 of us manning the place while everyone is on vacation or working too much. I’ve been conducting interviews, just to make more work for myself. One of our popular members, Yura Filimonov aka “A.N.Onym” was my first interviewee. There’s lots more to come.


This is what Ant colony looks like.

I guest blogged for The Lisa last week and of all the guest bloggers, mine was the only non-serious one. Were we supposed to teach something useful?

I really admire “DD”, and thus, can’t pass up showing you a new interview with Dazzlin Donna.


All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

For Peace Now


Making An Impact With No Advertising by creating trust.

Reach out by Designing for Emotion and Flow.

The is preparing a draft called Shared Web Experiences: Barriers Common to Mobile Device Users and People with Disabilities

Jakob Nielsen discusses blog usability in this recent interview.

My friend, Joe Dolson, strongly feels that Web Accessibility is not SEO.

CSS Definition lists anyone? Check out this easy Definition List tutorial.

This blog post totally rocked! Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

Homework for the serious. Factors that Improve Online Experiences goes to a page where you can download a PDF. I loved this statement:

Designers tend to overestimate the clarity of their designs.

I love analogies and Andy Beal had a really good one in The Reputation Round Table; An Analogy to Explain Reputation Management

I love forms. There’s always something new to learn or be reminded about. Here’s some help with International Address Fields in Web Forms.

I’m reading Always Be Testing by the FutureNow folks and loving Luke’s Web Form Design.

And…in the “Nobody Cares Kim” Department

We held the LAST graduation party for my daughter. It was supposed to be at my house, but everything happened late, like the new carpeting last Thursday, painting (ongoing), the free hot tub that needs about $500 in repairs to be hooked up to the house so we don’t blow more circuits and my ex-husband is building a new deck on the front of house.

The graduation party was a combined effort with our family and her boyfriend’s family. We rented the local town pool and could invite up to 200 people. The pool is actually 3 pools, with a whirlpool, tubing tunnel, various curvy slides, waterfalls, rock climbing and it was all lit up at night. We had a blast! Of course, I’m now totally broke…

The sports son started the last and final football camp today. For the next two weeks I drive him and another player to the High School at 7am where they submit themselves to tortures that none of us parents wants to know about.

The youngest son is away at boy scout camp. It was for him that ant colony link was a real find. I thought I was cool when I bought crickets to feed tiny frogs but ordering ants in the mail? EEEEUUUU!

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