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What Do You Want To Know About Web Site Usability?

Web site and product usability, user experience and user interface training is expensive if you wish to attend a conference or some type of intensive education. For search engine marketers, a company budget may only permit focused training in their industry.

I spend a good portion of my waking hours keeping up with the SEO/M industry because I provide web site and application/forms usability testing and reviews for the industry. So that I’m better able to support these people, I prefer to stay on top of what they do so my work doesn’t conflict with their’s.

Small businesses with an online presence are sometimes more concerned with their business reputation, inbound traffic, links, indexing and rank first. Secondary are concerns for conversions, outbound traffic, forms abandonment, word of mouth advertising, customer satisfaction, web design, security and privacy concerns, defect tracking of applications, server performance, browser compatibility, persuasive design, engagability, accessibility and other goodies that fall under the “Usability” umbrella.

While nothing beats a personalized web site audit, there are ways small businesses can add to their skills by self-teaching some basics. More and more conferences are adding usability as a speaker topic. I’m speaking at smaller venues and an upcoming local conference on usability topics. Smaller events tend to be more affordable and often include site clinics.

In Cre8asiteforums, I wanted to tap into the latest wishes of the membership by asking As An Seo/sem Or Web Dev, What Do You Want To Know About Usability?

Your boss says “I’m sending you to a search engine marketing conference and I want you to pick up some education on usability”.

What would you want to know? What would be useful information for your work or business?

Is it more about what it is, or how to implement it or a balance of both? Why would the info be useful, do you think?

I’d like to gather more feedback, either here in this blog or at the forums’ thread. (Free to join.)

Thank you.

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  1. July 28, 2008    

    I think it is about balancing both..any information, my company can relate to might prove helpful.Different SEO experts use different methodologies as per their experience. What one can do is to grab whatever information possible and implement it wherever possible.

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