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Ecosystem-Centered Design

Cooper’s latest journal is out and inside it contains a fascinating teaser article called Beautiful Monsters

David Fore authors part one of a pending series on the topic he calls “Ecosytem-Centered Design”.

The problem comes when UCD is taken too literally, for it can also promote a myopia that blurs what’s outside the immediate reach of individuals, preventing us from clearly seeing the inter-woven social, industrial, and environmental ecologies within which people live and companies exist. This must change. Whether interaction designers hear it or not, we are being called upon to address the broader ecological contexts of the companies that build what we design, and those who use the product of our labors. It is, therefore, urgent for our design values, methods, and collaboration habits to evolve. Now.

What is called for is an Ecosystem-Centered Design, a shared set of ideas and methods to guide our way toward more sustainable creative endeavors that address vital social, organizational, and environmental influences upon—and consequences of—the creation, use, and retirement of what we design.

Will be keeping an eye out on this one.

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  1. don's Gravatar don
    July 4, 2008    


    You really have got me thinking. I am in my tiny little bumbling way attempting to build a community and I feel that i am doing it in a for want of a better word. web 1.0 way!

    My interest is in nurturing and promoting sustainable communities. So posts like this get the synapses cranking…more of the same please

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