Honk If You Love Search Engine Marketing Women

I was floored the other day when I visited the Sphinn Community in the wee hours of an American east coast night to find several new posts on penis enlargement. Fascinating as that topic may be, it didn’t really fit in with the subjects covered by Sphinn, which are web design, marketing, usability, search engines and social media.

Not only were the topics of the male anatomy dropped into a community for men and women like a screaming, hysterical guest, some playful spammer partners in crime left long comments discussing the ins and outs of penis enlargement. (‘cuse the pun.)

It would appear that not only are Some SEO’s bored to wheeping over the dullness of SEO news lately, perhaps they are, indeed, horny as well, as evidenced in this frank admission by one frustrated SEO:

Anyways, all this crankiness and aggressive behavior leads me to one conclusion: the industry needs to get laid.

The topic of late, at least for the search marketing industry, has been that there is no new news. It’s so desolate that some industry bloggers have banded together to be mean and nasty to make themselves feel better or fill in the empty hours of unemployment and no clients with self justified personal attacks on people they don’t even know. I’ve seen some weird stuff lately and wonder how in cow’s heaven some folks claim to be hired when they can provide no proof they ever did any work in the industry!

If you can’t prove you have experience, I guess making stuff up and promoting yourself as an “expert” or teacher is the next best thing?

The lack of real news is so tragic that when a new search engine came out this week, the boards lit up with 34,568 posts in three hours. I won’t mention its name because I never went there to check it out myself. I was too damned busy.

I read a few comments this week in my travels that stuck with me. One was from someone who missed “thinking” type posts. I admit to missing them too. I have a few in my head because I like to write them. Again, I’ve been a tad busy. Thinking is good. I’d love to have more time for it.

I can point thinking people to the new forums we launched at Cre8asiteforums on Ethics and a good discussion on Responsibilities And Etiquette Of Knol Authors that now extends beyond Knol.

I used to love the Sphinn site but these days, I’m afraid they’re in trouble. It’s turned into a link drop free for all on topics ranging from MLM, Sex, Get Rich Quick crap and stunning headlines like “The Drunk Idiot’s Guide to Twitter”, something about an SEO “Ecosystem”, and hopeful news for SEO men on how to find cheap dates. (This article, which is actually on PPC and really good btw, went hot today. I got a kick out of his examples.)

I suffer from insomnia and will sometimes go to Sphinn to help me feel sleepy; hence, spotting the penis enlargement thrill the other night (nope. Not trying to rank for “penis enlargement”.) This is when I found a link to an article on the continuing saga of “no women speakers at SEO conferences.” (Didn’t deserve a link.)

I think its hard to blame sullivan because in SEO i don’t see any woman that comes close to the leading male experts. It’s sad but maybe their time will come…

Honestly, I am networking with so many SEOs, and out of all the female ones, most of them are not that interested in tech aspects, but more into the psychology of marketing and such. Of course there are exceptions such as Jill, but overall men are more passionate about the cut and dry tech aspects.

Girls don’t pose much competition. You push back and they’ll start to cry.

Meanwhile, my women company owners, presidents, ceo’s, busy speakers at events outside SMX and SES, forums owners and conference planning friends from the search engine marketing industries are busy working and IM’ing one another, sending work referrals, creating new business partnerships and continuing a long held tradition of staying in touch for knowledge share.

We’ve been doing it since around 1995, when we started teaching SEO to men and women. And as for the guy who thinks Jill is the only “exception” when it comes to tech know-how?

He must be new.

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Despite the media’s anxiety about fallen female executives, women are actually advancing in high technology

13 thoughts on “Honk If You Love Search Engine Marketing Women”

  1. Your first part of the post had me cracking up… the SEO industry does totally need to get laid but I will say the last part of your post about women – while mostly true… a bit harsh!

  2. Yura, agreed! I see this stuff and it just floors me :)

    Like the original NetMechanic site, before it was sold, was built and owned by a woman, who now has a different SEM company. She’s not out there Sphinning and stroking her ego. She’s working and managing the men and women who work for her.

  3. Hi Nick…traditionally I try not to get mean. I’m not comfortable doing that.

    To be honest, when I read the remarks by some of the men about how useless women in SEO are, I was shocked. Some of us have been around a very long time and have all kinds of tech/IT background. My own experience goes back into the early 1980′s.

    Thankfully, those men I referred to are in the minority but I couldn’t not address it. It should never be a gender or color or race thing. We all have something to contribute and as you know,there’s some brilliant and skilled men and women in the industry working very hard :)

    Thank you for stopping by Nick!

  4. I hate how chicks are all into that psychology crap instead of decent, god-fearing techie stuff. Seriously, what the hell does marketing have to do with psychology?! They don’t even start with the same letter!

    (note: that was sarcasm ;))

    My wife has a Ph.D. in high-energy physics from the University of Chicago. I’m pretty sure girls can do math these days.

  5. Silly people always getting their panties all bunched up over this “Women Power” thing. Guys, chicks, dogs, cats,… all just people to me.

  6. Good stuff as always, Kim!

    One thing I’m wondering about, however. You said in your comment:

    “To be honest, when I read the remarks by some of the men about how useless women in SEO are, I was shocked.”

    Can you point to something specific? I think I missed those remarks.

    Keep up the good fight! :D

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