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Ranting in Corporate and Professional Business Blogs

While procrastinating at Sphinn, I came across a response I made the other day in a discussion where I disagreed with an article called All 13 Types of Blog Posts – Which Ones Are You Missing?.

The article is nicely written and has excellent advice, especially for beginning bloggers. What rang my gong was a casual comment made by a reader who said:

I challenge anyone who reads this to try to use all 13 types of posts in this article in 1 month!

I disagree. I wrote:

If a type of writing or angle or “type” doesn’t fit the business requirements or theme of a blog, why force something that doesn’t belong there? Rants on corporate blogs or travel site blogs? No. Life streaming in a news blog? No. Videos and images in blogs for special needs users who require assistive technology to access a site? No.

The suggestions are great but what works in one type of blog will not work in another, especially when creating and nurturing a brand are on the list of goals.

The article writer saw my point, but feels

..that it’s equally incorrect to say corporate or travel blogs should never rant. Each type of article is a tool and unique challenges sometimes require unconventional approaches.

Really? Articles are now tools? I feel so used.

But, in the interest of trying new ideas, I decided I want today’s post to be a needle nosed screwdriver and bend things, so here goes.

Ideas on How to Totally Freak Out on Your Blog

I thought about this and decided there’s indeed a place for ranting on travel sites that offer online bookings for families who want to rent a condo near Disney World.

I believe condo owners have much to say about the disgusting way guests leave the bathrooms and how the kitchen WAS stocked with a full set of silverware but now the spoons are all missing. Here’s an example for a friendly, courteous rant to your blog readers:

When we stated “No pets”, we most certainly meant the kind that poop. When we booked you “near the park”, we didn’t mean the theme park, sir. We meant the parking lot at Wal-Mart in the next town. You need to read our user instructions hiding in our FAQ located on the footer on one of the pages of one our older templates we forgot to update but Google still indexes it, so we leave it there.

Corporate blogs should have a Wednesday Wine Whine (aka “www”) every week, so they can bitch at their investors and beg for help despite their pathetic last quarter earnings. All accountants lie and corporations have every right to defend their honor. It’s not like they intend on returning the free employee foosball game sitting in the lunch room. It’s the closest thing to copying Google’s free perks anyone is going to get. (In other words, feel sorry for us. We’re poor because we outsourced overseas. You insisted you’d love us if we did that.)

Hiring new employees? Be honest in your blog so that prospective readers will know whether or not to spend $100 per week on gas commuting to your business. Let a current employee rant about all the extra hours, changes in the health insurance paycheck deductions every three months, and for heaven’s sake, let the truth be known about that insane director who recreates the management chart every month and keeps moving departments around. And worse? Will not let anyone bring in pink cream cheese for the bagels because it’s too “girly girl”.

Brand management can be tricky.

From a web site usability perspective, visitors have certain needs and tasks they wish to accomplish. Sure, you can entertain them along the way.

Just be wise about how you fling that blog of your’s around.

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