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TechArt by BeFunky is OMG2Fun

I leaned over yesterday to pick up something and a sudden searing pain shot down down my back, followed by what felt like an electrical shock. I haven’t let it stiffen up and will be heading to my doctor later today, but in the meantime, while resting and trying to keep my muscles relaxed, I’ve been trying out BeFunky.com.

This is an awesome, playful online application! What surprises me is that it’s so easy to figure out how to use. Sure, there are some usability bumps where it’s hard to back up a step or undo something, but in general, I’m pleasantly surprised at the job the developers have done.

BeFunky.com lets you take images that you already have stored and cartoonize them. You can create avatars and videos. They even help you make your own ecards where you can add text to images you upload and tweak to express yourself. The application comes with tools, ideas and samples. You can save your work or email it to friends.

The gallery confused me at first. Each mode has its own gallery, so for example, my saved Uvatar is in a separate gallery from what’s stored under Cartoonizer.

They didn’t forget social media and users who may want to show their friends what they’ve made. There are mini-apps that send your items from your own personal gallery to such sites as WordPress, Facebook, Myspace and many, many more.

I had the most fun with the Uvatar. If you want to design an image that will visually communicate your brand, personality or individual character, this site makes it simple to do so.

The cartoon version of me was fun to make because I could easily take off 10 years!

And, so far, it’s FREE!


I used my artist friend Nate’s picture of a room he painted for this card:

I loved recreating this moment. I added my golden retriever, Dakota, and made myself skinny. Heh.

Cartoon me:

(Hatip Cartoon Barry)

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