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You’ve Got Your SEO in My Usability

I’ve spent the past few years writing about usability to SEO’s and trying to not burn bridges while doing so. Each industry contains skills that benefit the other, and both benefit the client. It’s rare to find good dialog by user experience folks on SEO, however, so I found the following interesting – Seo and usability as discussed in IXDA’s forums. Obviously this remark caught my eye.

The tough part is that so much of common SEO is superstition.

The discussion is around an article from Search Engine Land called Are We In-House SEO Experts? Not Really… And Here’s Why. I side with the user experience folks on this one. While the two skill sets compliment one another, and even at a very basic level can be considered similar, anyone fully trained in both knows they’re very different.

I started out as an SEO and once leaving it for usability and software QA testing, I know I can never go back and call myself a fully qualified SEO. I even run a forums that covers SEO/M and search engines. This lets me stay current on a daily basis. And I would STILL not take on paying SEO work. I have other SEO’s do it.

Somewhere I read someone suggest that SEO’s must all be copywriters. This is not a requirement, but it is a plus. It helps for user experience design too.

Usability is a word applied to a gigantic field. It’s Human Factors and behavioral studies. It’s human computer interaction. It’s also applied to non-web devices. There’s branches of it, the same as there are branches of SEO.

In any case, I thought you might enjoy seeing another perspective and opinions on the SEO industry, as viewed from those outside of it or are distant cousins.

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