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Search Engine College Celebrates Four Years

Kalena Jordan and her husband celebrate their fourth year as founders of the Search Engine College. What began with a few courses and high hopes has evolved into an online school offering certification for SEO’s.

Kalena had the forethought to include web site usability in her course lineup. Like my friend, Jill Whalen, whom I also credit as understanding years ago the importance of usability design and SEO, Kal wanted to make sure her students had access to usability basics.

I remember that summer well. I’d never written a course before, let alone a six section one with quizzes, assignments and resources. Not only that, as an instructor, I had to learn Moodle, which is the software used for the school. My web based course is basic in nature, intended to offer a solid foundation in understanding the user experience and how it ties into search engine marketing.

In the future, I hope to add a course in accessibility and an advanced usability design course for the school. Kal has opened the door for that. I just need to need to buckle down and get the courses written.

The beauty of the Search Engine College is that many courses can be taken at your own pace. Instructors are long-time, well known professionals. The Jordans have added to the school enhancements such as live help, certification seals, campus shop, article library, jobs support, course demos and more.

Congratulations to the Search Engine College graduates and present students. To Kalena and Jerry, you’ve worked so hard! I appreciate your persistence and dedication to the search engine marketing industry.

Kalena tells the story here, in her announcement about SEC. She writes,

“Last month saw the highest level of student enrollments to date and it looks like this month is set to beat that record.”

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