Not Quite The Rolling Stone Cover

But this was cool.

Kim Krause Berg on Cover of Time

Members only link – to the celebration of my 10,000 post.

I was thinking that these posts are just since Cre8asiteforums came about in its present form in 2002. From 1998 to then, I was posting in the original version of it, as well as Webmasterworld and MarketPositionGold’s forum.

And, if you count blog comments, Sphinn comments, articles, columns, live blogging…it can boggle the mind.

Thanks to Risa Borsykowsky for the cover design. Kim Krause Berg on the cover of Time?

Why not?

One thought on “Not Quite The Rolling Stone Cover

  1. Congratulations, Kim. You certainly deserve to be there. .. and thanks to Risa. She’s certainly ‘blowing the socks’ off everyone at the Cre8asite Forums with her great logos and images. We’re all enjoying her work immensely.

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