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I Turn 50 in an Only-30-Somethings-Are-Hot World

I turned 50 years old this morning at 7:12 am. In some cultures, the moment a baby is born, everything is recorded. The sounds and sights. Who was there or not there. The position of the moon, sun, earth and stars. Whether or not the wind blew or the coyote sang.

I awoke this morning to the springtime chorus of birds, who are likely mating and watching their nests. On my 40th birthday, a crow literally perched outside my bedroom window and screamed at me to wake up that morning. I likely picked up my tree devoted, bird loving, nature oriented qualities from my mother, who emailed me today that, “Waiting for you to arrive, I couldn’t hear the birdsong, but instead was treated to the first and most glorious sunrise that I recall ever seeing.”

She tells tales of my independence and deep spirituality that appeared clearly by the age of 4. I still remember not wanting to be born. I was born a month late. I tried to come feet first and mom said the procedure would have been a C-section but she had a doctor who gently turned me around. They drugged women back then and the fathers weren’t allowed to be present. Alone, disoriented and quite young, she had no idea what to name me. So, she asked her nurse, who liked the name “Kimberly”. And so this is how I was named.

I wasn’t pretty. Mom says I looked like a wrinkled “wizened, mysterious little elf.” For the first 4 years, I had dreams I couldn’t explain to anyone. I kept wanting to “go home”. Everyone who watched me grow up found it very curious that I kept walking into walls, falling, having stupid accidents. The doctors said I “grew too fast”. I was a total klutz and to this day can’t walk in heels. I spent enormous time in my own head.

In the third grade, I wrote an anthology of short stories and poems called “Let’s Create”. Now, isn’t that wild? I later founded Cre8asiteforums and Cre8pc. I am working on a brand new web site called “Akesana”, which will take creation to new levels. I’m not finished exploring.

Gemini’s are born communicators and “doers”. I’m in amazing company, with Joe Morin’s birthday yesterday and Rae Hoffman and Gillian Muessig celebrating their birthdays tomorrow. All three are powerful people who have impacted the search marketing industry. I’ll never forget how much Joe believed in me back around 2001 or 2002. I was still very green about being self-employed, but that didn’t stop him from hiring me for a project.

Lately, I’ve been reading everything I can about “growing old”. I got my AARP membership and it didn’t upset me. In fact, I was more upset at turning 40! I have to say, it’s 10 years later and I feel younger, not older. The things you hear that “end”? BAH! My god, just try slowing me down honey. And I mean that in every way. (Nudge nudge, wink wink.)

Thank you to my friends and family for putting up with me and a special shout-out to the Cre8asiteforums Cre8tive Community, who are my “family” as well. And if you’re in the King of Prussia area on Saturday, Li Evans has joined my husband in planning a party near the Mall. I already know of one friend who is flying in! Pictures next week, for sure.

Happy birthday Kim Krause Berg


  1. May 27, 2008    

    Happy Birthday, Kim! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day surrounded by family and friends.

    And thank you for being you and for painting such a strong image for all of those who look up to you, both in this industry and in life. :)

  2. May 27, 2008    

    Awweee, thank you Lisa!

    I’ve had an interesting, eventful life. As a writer, that comes in handy. I admire you for your determination to keep going, no matter what. You have a fierce courage, which is evident to anyone who bothers to look. You, and others like you in the industry, will create things as you see fit and some of us will have to learn to shut up, listen and watch…oh, and maybe learn something new :)

  3. May 27, 2008    

    I turned 50 in March :-(

  4. May 27, 2008    

    Happy Birthday Kim!

    As for “All three are powerful people who have impacted the search marketing industry.” You should add yourself to that list–you’ve had a strong influence on many in the industry.

  5. May 27, 2008    

    Thanks Andy! I just hung in there, is all :)

  6. May 27, 2008    

    Hi Kim,

    Seeing as we’re Facebook friends, (we where once married on there if you recall ;-), I’d like to wish you a very merry Happy 50th Birthday. May you have at least 100 more birthdays in front of you.

  7. May 28, 2008    

    Happy Birthday Kim, I love you! (but you knew that already). I won’t embarass you by calling you Mom here, whoops I guess I did. I still don’t know how that works since I’m older than you. You are indeed a special person and here’s hoping you have the best birthday party ever. Looking forward to the pictures. I’ll celebrate with you next time we meet.

  8. May 28, 2008    

    Happy Birthday, Kim. I’m somewhat farther along this road of life and let me tell you it only gets better. Wish I could get to the King of Prussia. Hope you all have a great time.

  9. May 28, 2008    

    Thanks everyone :)

    I’ve been reflecting on my life for months, heading towards this age. I guess that’s normal. Eric noticed how well I’m taking it. I think it must be true – we’re as young as we feel. There are so many “older” people whom I admire and part it is because they’re so involved with living. It’s something I can aspire to. Some of my best examples of life-lovers have left comments here :)

  10. May 28, 2008    

    Belated Happy Birthday Kim, Congratulations and all the best for your upcoming tasks!

  11. May 28, 2008    

    Happy Birthday, Kim! Congratulations on your many accomplishments and for continuing to look forward with meaning and purpose. Bravo!

    (Very unfair of AARP, btw. People used to get those cards at 60. What’s with the scope creep on age? Don’t they know that 50’s the new 40?)

  12. May 30, 2008    

    Happy Birthday for yesterday Kim.

    I’m heading towards the big 50 but it’s just a number.

    I recently reformed my old rock band after 20 years and I feel like a kid again!

    Lovely references you made to birds. I sit and watch them often from my window whilst working.


  13. June 12, 2008    

    Happy Birthday, Kim! Congratulations

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