Cre8asiteforums Celebrates With Earth Week

I’m very excited to point you to Cre8 Green Week.

“We’ll be celebrating Earth Day, April 22nd, with a week-long “green” focus. The most unusual facet will be that we’re temporarily loosening some of our usually strict policies about self promotion. We want to make it easier for the community to come in and share about how their projects inspire awareness of our environment and sustainable use of resources.”

Cre8asiteforums forums Earth Day logo

Logo design: Risa Borsykowsky of

Cre8Green Week Planning and Implementation: Elizabeth Able of

Some discussions:

How To Promote A Non Profit Organization, how to get more visibility to raise money and funds

Thus, I’d like to start a single thread, where leaders of nonprofit and charity organizations can find resources to make their organization more visible. Obviously, you are supposed to contribute a link or two that will help them in this direction.

Blogging About The Earth The Week Of Earth Day?

Normally, we don’t allow link drops or self promotion. Like never. Just for the week of April 20-26, even if your site is not dedicated to green living, we are bending our rules. If you have written a substantive post that fits with the spirit of Earth Day, you are invited to tell us about it and link to it in this thread.

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