Usability Tea

As I return to a less intense work load than in weeks past, I thought I’d relax with you and share some recent usability blog posts that caught my eye, but I haven’t had time to write or comment on them.

Four Bad Designs. Jakob Nielsen picks four examples of designs that missed their mark. Each example is right-on, but my favorite is the first one. Without incentive, there’s no reason to care about the call to action.

Google Now Fills Out Forms & Crawls Results. There are limits. More information and comments by SEO’s can be found at Sphinn.

Gord gets into brain with Human Hardware: Men And Women.

Website Redesign: Improving Website Usability and SEO. Having come away from giving a class on usability to SEO’s, I was reminded of just how important and timely this topic is.

Shari Thurow wrote a great article called What SEO/SEM Professionals Should Know About Website Usability. It’s a 2-part article. Both include quotes from usability professionals.

Colleen Jones never fails to deliver inspiration. Read her Winning Content Persuades, Not Manipulates

What did I miss, that you liked?

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