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That’s a Nice Form You’re Wearing

In my dating days, I was a guy’s worst nightmare. When I went out with my friends, I may or may not have been looking for a cute hunk. Most likely, I was there to dance and flirt with a drummer. The worst thing a Coyote (man on the hunt) could do was to throw me a pick up line.

I would move away from the bar. I would roll my eyes. I would turn to a girlfriend and face my back to him. Sometimes I’d laugh at them because their pickup line was sooooo bad! I needed to get to know people in natural ways. Could they dance? Did any of them know how to have an intelligent conversation about say, books or string theory? These were the men who got past page one with me.

These were the guys who could get me to fill out their application form.
Flirting guy

Hi, Have You Got a Boyfriend? If Not, Are You Taking Applications?

This was how fast some men started the dating sales process.

It’s also how quickly web sites approach first time visitors.

These are the sites that ask for your personal information before you place an item in a shopping cart. Or, the types of web sites that offer a teaser of content, and before you can learn more about their services or products, they ask you to fill out a long sales lead form first.

When web site visitors face enough of these annoying roadblocks, they leave the bar. They turn towards their friends. They roll their eyes or they turn their back to you to end the conversation. They leave your web site.

I don’t miss those dating days. I was a Show-Me-What-You-Got-First kinda girl.

For today’s usability mission, read Sign Up Forms Must Die, by Luke Wroblewski.


  1. March 26, 2008    

    Haha, good analogy!

  2. Jan's Gravatar Jan
    March 27, 2008    

    LOL – nice post. Now I am interested in a picture of you ;-) ….

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