Two New Mods, Two New Logos, A New Blog

and a baby’s arm holding an apple.

This is how I spent my Saturday.

My Happy Assimilation Into Cre8asite Forums – New moderator, Donna Fontenot.

Thrilled to Become a Moderator at Cre8asite Forums! – New moderator, Miriam Ellis.

Cre8tive Flow – Redesigned Blog by Joe Dolson and Elizabeth Ablereach

New Cre8asiteforums logo is up. It was designed for us by Risa Borsykowsky, who also redesigned the Cre8pc logo.

We retired Mr. Peabody, our blog mascot. Meet the new Blog logo.

We said goodbye to three moderators, Rand, Tim and Chris

Wanna Keep up?

It’s Bring Your Pet To Work Week at the forums. (Members view only.)

What is a Lifestream?

We’re just getting started.

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